BodyGem Price Purchase Options

Our BodyGem system options are designed to allow you to build a profitable metabolism-based weight management program.

Personal trainers typically charge between $50-70 for an RMR measurement;
Dietitians typically charge between $70-$100 for a nutritional consultation
with an RMR measurement, so you can generate profits for your business quickly.

The BodyGem System Kit Includes:

BodyGem Indirect Calorimeter with a 2-year warranty
♦ One 21-pack BodyGem Mouthpiece Filters and Nose Clips
♦ Recently updated BodyGem Analyzer 4.0 Software
♦ A Marketing Materials Kit with posters and trifold brochures

The BodyGem System Kit is the best long-term system, because it has the lowest per-use cost.  Call David at 720-431-1461 for the current pricing specials.

BodyGem 40 System Kit includes everything you need to administer 40 measurements, including:

BodyGem Indirect Calorimeter with a 1-year warranty
♦ 42 BodyGem Mouthpieces and Nose Clips
♦ Recently updated BodyGem Analyzer 4.0 Software
♦ A Marketing Materials Kit with posters and trifold brochures.

The BodyGem 40 System Kit is a great entry level system. If you charge $50 per test, you will generate $2,000 in revenue and $1,100 in profits.

This kit contains the same indirect calorimeter as the regular system kit, only this unit is designed to only allow 40 complete measurements.

To continue testing, BodyGem 40 Reorder Kits are available or you can get a 10% discount when you upgrade to the BodyGem System Kit .

The marketing poster and trifold brochures help your clients understand the need for RMR testing and many will pay just to know what their metabolic rate is, as many people believe that they have a ‘slow metabolism“.

And you will be able to get listed on our website, so that local people can find you to get their RMR tested.

To get the current pricing specials, call me directly at 303-808-2291

David Wilcoxson

We accept the following payments:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  • Check or Money Order
  • Net 30 terms for Purchase Orders are available
  • Financing for the BodyGem System Kit is available

Additional BodyGem Products and Services

♦ One Year Extended Warranty  $225.00
♦ BodyGem Marketing Kit (Posters/Brochures)  $55.00
♦ Metabolism Matters Brochures (QTY 50) $25.00

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