BodyGem Analyzer Software Program

Personal Trainers, Dietitians and other Wellness professionals can provide clients with a more accurate nutritional assessment and individualized weight management program.

With BodyGem Analyzer individual measurements can be utilized to develop personalized nutrition & activity plans that promote energy balance literacy and empower client self-management of daily nutrition, exercise, and other health goals.

Once you’ve measured their resting metabolism with the BodyGem, create a personal plan just for them – simply and easily – with the BodyGem Analyzer software.

BodyGem Analyzer assists health and wellness professionals in developing personalized weight management plans and generation of important education reports for each client.

  • It determines caloric needs based on Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), occupational activity level, sleep schedule, exercise program and weight goal.
  • It provides age-specific nutrition programs for adolescents as young as 7 years of age.
  • It provides a detailed client education report to improve energy-balance literacy and promote patient self-management.
  • And it empowers your clients to succeed!

Developing a personalized plan based on your clients unique metabolic rate helps you establish an accurate daily calorie budget, which is tailored for each person so that they can successfully achieve their goals.

Regardless of the specific diet or exercise plan they follow, their Metabolic Fingerprint and unique lifestyle and occupation factors, result in a personalized plan that they can take with them and follow.

Body Gem Analyzer is easy to use, and not only provides your clients with a unique actionable plan, but also enables you to quickly create a unique plan for each individual.

BodyGem Analyer creates a three-page report for your client, that educates them on their metabolic rate, and gives them a Daily Calorie Budget which is based on their unique  metabolism needs.

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BodyGem Analyzer 4.0 Software comes with every new BodyGem system purchase.

Current BodyGem owners can upgrade for $199.

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I wish you the best of health!

David Wilcoxson

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